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    Avoid Common Laundry Room Renovation Pitfalls: Hire Quality Budget Renovations for Your Laundry Renovations in ACT

    The laundry room seems like it should be a relatively easy place to fix up or renovate. After all, most laundry rooms are small and compact and only serve one major purpose. Renovations should be straightforward, right?

    Not quite, as it turns out. In fact, there are a few pitfalls that many DIY laundry renovators fall into regularly, often because they assumed the job would be easy. Here are a few of the common pitfalls you should be careful to avoid when plotting laundry renovations in the ACT.

    Not thinking about the drain: Ideally, your washing machine will never leak or overflow. In the emergency case where water does end up on the floor, though, you need a drain that can handle the overflow. Hiring a laundry renovations professional in ACT is a smart idea since they will know about proper drain placement, floor sloping and plumbing.

    Forgetting to add counter space or storage: The washing machine and dryer are the most important components of your laundry room, but planning for counter space and storage in your renovation is vital. Do you want a spot to fold clothes? Do you want to be able to hang up damp garments? Do you want to have cabinet space for your detergent, bleach and dryer sheets? The answer to all three questions is yes, so figure storage into your plans.

    Other pitfalls, such as trying to use a room that is too small for laundry or failing to ventilate the space, can also throw a wrench or two into your plans. To avoid all of the above, call High Quality Budget Renovations to schedule a consultation and get a quote for one of our laundry renovations in ACT. You can reach us by dialling 02 6259 0413.

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