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    Need More Shelving in Your Laundry Room? Call Quality Budget Renovations for a Laundry Renovation in the ACT

    Sometimes when you buy a home, the laundry room comes fully formed: the partitions are drywalled, the floors beautifully tiled and there is ample storage space on the walls. Other times, the laundry room is left unfinished, with exposed pipes and insulation and no shelving or storage to mention. Perhaps your laundry is somewhere in between, with finished walls and flooring, but not enough space to hang, fold or store clothes and linens.

    If you require more storage space in your laundry room, call Quality Budget Renovations for a laundry renovation in the ACT. Regardless of the size, shape or condition of the room, we can reimagine your space and make it into a more functional spot for doing laundry.

    We view laundry rooms as being all about workflow and efficiency: you need somewhere to store detergent and other supplies, somewhere to put linens and sheets you don't use on a regular basis and a place to hang clothes that can't go through the dryer. Too often, though, laundry rooms feature none of the above, leaving you to spread your wet clothes on top of the machines or to leave your bottle of detergent on the floor in the corner.

    With a laundry renovation from ACT's Quality Budget Renovations, you will never have to deal with inconvenience in the laundry room again. From shelving to cabinets to hanging racks and beyond, we can figure out a design that works with your budget and functions perfectly.

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